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Jackie Anderson offers a review regarding one of the most critical 3D printing topics today: materials. As innovation continues to grow, so do the options regarding software, hardware, and different types of plastics (along with many other alternatives today).In ‘Engineering Biodegradable PHA Blends



The global biodegradable films market size is estimated to be USD 1.1 billion in 2020 and projected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.6%

High demand from food packaging industry and shift in consumer preference toward eco-friendly plastic products is driving the demand for biodegradable films market



Stora Enso and Helsinki Olympic Stadium Partner on Circular Economy

Stora Enso and Helsinki Olympic Stadium have signed a partnership agreement to develop low-carbon, eco-friendly operations at the stadium by promoting the use of renewable materials and circular economy solutions.



Busting The Myths On PLA

There is a lot of ambiguity around PLA, so let’s clear that up… PLA is not a magic solution, But it is still a pretty good one.



Dole Stops Fossil Based Plastic Packaging

Dole to make nutritious foods accessible for 1 billion people, and move towards zero fruit loss and zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025, as well as net zero carbon emissions by 2030.



Reduce the environmental load! The "new shopping bag" at Haneda Airport is amazing

On March 29, the use of new shopping bags began at Haneda Airport.This bag, called the "Bio LIMEX Bag," is made of limestone and plant-based resin as the main raw materials, and a new material "LIMEX" that can substitute for paper and plastic.By switching from the conventional plastic shopping bag,



Greece Launches ”Plastic-Free Santorini” Campaign in Bid to Eliminate Pollution

The Greek Tourism Ministry announced on Monday that it is launching a new public awareness campaign dubbed “Plastic-Free Santorini.”The aim of the ambitious project is to spread a message encouraging a reduction in the use of plastics throughout all of Greece, not just on Santorini, one of the count



Germany Bans SUP Straws and Food Containers

Germany is banning the sale of single-use plastic straws, cotton buds and food containers, bringing it in line with a European Union directive intended to reduce the amount of plastic garbage that pollutes the environment.



L’Oreal Share 2030 Sustainability Commitments

lobal warming is accompanied by environmental changes that threaten potentially permanent degradation of human and natural habitats. Sea levels, melting glaciers, ocean warming and acidification as well as extreme weather events are on the rise. With higher stakes must come stronger commitments. Thi



PLA Furniture in South Korea

The 40-year-old artist is known for his wooden concept furniture pieces, but in recent years has also turned to a cornstarch-based bioplastic in a bid to reduce plastic waste in the process of making his artworks.“The resources that we use now are finite, so I think artists should care about the way

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