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The team has shown how their chemical recycling method not only speeds up the process, it can also be converted into a new product – a biodegradable solvent – which can be sold for use in a wide variety of industries including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.Bioplastics, made from polylactic acid (PLA



The History and Most Important Innovations of Bioplastics

End of life, Lifecycle and Waste ManagementWhen a plastic or bioplastic object has accomplished its purpose it reaches it’s end of life and is usually discarded. Now comes the billion dollar question: what shall we do with the plastic and bioplastic waste? Here are some options:reuserecyclebiodegrad



What are Bioplastics and Biopolymers?(II)

Plastics vs PolymersWhen we use the word plastics, we mean polymers. Plastics is not a substance or material, it’s an attribute (plasticity).Plasticity is the name used to describe the property, feature or attribute of all materials which can deform irreversibly without breaking. This attribute refe



SCIENCE: Seafloor Microplastic Hotspots Controlled by Deep-sea Currents

New research has revealed the highest levels of microplastic yet recorded on the seafloor, with up to 1.9 million pieces in an area of just one square metre.Published this week in the journal Science, this study shows how deep-sea currents act as conveyor belts, transporting tiny plastic fragments a



What are Bioplastics and Biopolymers?(I)

The definition of the word bioplastics is not definitive or universal.It is not easy to answer the question of What are Bioplastics? There are two attributes related to bioplastics: bio-based and biodegradable but not everyone agrees on this.Definitions evolve over time and sometimes a definition is



Supply remains priority for food packaging during coronavirus outbreak

Despite some challenges from coronavirus outbreak, Longevity packaging emerges as a crucial solution to stay-at-home living at the moment. The growth opportunity is basically driven by modern consumers' changing lifestyle and eating behavior.Now, we have observed a new trend. Since the world is figh



China will look to ban thin plastic bags, plastic film

China will look to ban ultra-thin plastic bags and agricultural-use plastic mulch, as well as other types of non-biodegradable plastic products, the country’s state planning authority said in draft proposals published on Friday.The proposals cover shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mi



The latest list of banned plastic models in the China has been released

China's Hainan Province releases the first batch of banned plastics.On March 20, to promote the national ecological experimental zone of civilization construction, strengthening prevention and control of pollution of plastic wastes. Hainan province, the ecological environment agency website released



BASF (guangdong) new PBAT production line will start construction next year

BASF integrated base (guangdong) Co., LTD., was established in 2019. It plans to invest $10 billion to build a 100% wholly-owned integrated base in the east island petrochemical industrial park in zhanjiang, guangdong.



Shanghai Releases New Garbage Sorting Guidelines

The new garbage sorting regulations will take effect in Shanghai starting July 1. With less than one month left, many civilians are still confused about the classification of the four different types of trash. Thankfully, authorities have released an official guideline to clarify the new rules, reports Shine.

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